Contrary to the impression suggested by the term, being a ‘sleeping partner’ does not involve snoring and slumber. However, being a sleeping partner is actually a ‘dream’ job.

In essence, a sleeping partner is a person who is a partner in an enterprise, yet has no involvement in the running of the enterprise. In other words, in exchange of his initial capital contribution, he gets to share in the profits without sharing in any of the work! So long as the enterprise continues to operate, he continues to benefit – without as much as lifting a finger.

Since being a sleeping partner in a highly-profitable enterprise is appealing, many people look for ventures in which they can make a once-off investment of capital and thereafter reap effort-free returns. However, when the concept of a sleeping partner works so well in the dunya, then why do we not apply the same concept in our Deen? In fact, it is far easier to set up an ‘investment portfolio’ of this nature in Deen than it is for the dunya, as the options are far more in Deen and generally, the capital is affordable to one and all.

One such investment is that of starting off a good work of Deen – whatever the good work may be. For example, if we teach someone something of Deen, even if it just be a simple du‘aa, or if we encourage someone who was not performing salaah to perform salaah, or we encourage someone to attend the weekly ta’leem, then whenever they recite the du‘aa or perform salaah or attend the ta’leem thereafter, as a result of our encouragement, we will share in their reward! Furthermore, if they, in turn, teach the du‘aa to someone else or encourage others to perform salaah or attend the ta’leem, we will share in the reward of those people as well. In this way, our investment will actually grow and continue, long after our demise.

Imagine the rewards reaped by those people who are blessed to teach Deen to little children or even produce ‘Ulama! When those children practice and teach their children, and when the ‘Ulama disseminate the knowledge they received and benefit others, the rewards will continue to accrue and accumulate!

Similarly, if Allah Ta‘ala has blessed us with wealth, we can spend in charitable avenues and avenues of Deen. Whether it is funding the construction of a masjid or a madrasah, or sponsoring any other works of Deen, or digging a well in an area where there is the scarcity of water, in all cases, so long as our contribution is benefiting people, we will continue to receive abundant rewards. In fact, if we ponder deeper, we will realise that there are many other investments in which we can become ‘sleeping partners’.

These are the investments for which we should strive and toil. After we leave this world, we will not be able to perform any righteous deeds. However, these investments are true ‘offshore’ investments that will continue to earn us reward after our demise as well.

May Allah Ta‘ala bless us all to invest our time, energy and wealth in the correct avenues, aameen.