Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has mentioned, “When Allah Ta‘ala has decreed a particular rank (in Jannah) for a servant, but the servant is unable to reach this rank through his good deeds (as they are insufficient), then Allah Ta‘ala tests him in his body, wealth, or his children. Allah Ta‘ala then enables him to exercise patience over this test, until it makes him reach the rank that Allah Ta‘ala had decreed for him.” (Sunan Abi Dawood #3090)

Every person hopes for an upgrade – be it an upgrade to the latest cellphone model, an upgrade from economy to business or first class, an upgrade to the latest car model, or even an upgrade from a normal hotel room to the Presidential Suite. Many people cannot afford these upgrades, and those who receive them for free are few and far apart!

Our Beloved Allah Ta‘ala is so kind that He wishes us to enjoy a very high level in Jannah. However, we sometimes fail to ‘qualify’ for this upgrade as we lack sufficient righteous actions, while our ‘ibaadah are also weighed down by the burden of our sins. Hence, Allah Ta‘ala sends us free ‘upgrade’ packages. This package is sometimes a ‘bundle’ of sickness, our child passing away, a robbery, or any other calamity. Once the upgrade package is delivered, it requires an ‘activation’ which is the ‘password’ of patience and sabr.

If every person ‘downloads’ the mindset of adopting sabr and patience under all circumstances, we will all receive the upgrades of the Aakhirah.