A person once instructed his servant to slaughter a goat and return with its two best parts. The servant went and soon returned with the heart and tongue of the goat. The master next instructed the servant to slaughter a second goat, and to this time present its two worst parts. The servant went and again returned with the goat’s heart and tongue!

The master was confused as to how the heart and tongue could be both the best and worst at the same time.

The servant explained to the master that the heart and the tongue are two organs of such potential, that if they remain engaged in good, there will definitely be no other part of the body able to surpass them in virtue. On the other hand, if they are spoiled and corrupted, there will be no part of the body worse than them.

It is thus up to us to strive in safeguarding our hearts and tongues. We should not harbour even a single ill-feeling in our hearts and should not let even a single foul word slip off our tongues.

Let it be good – and only good – that governs our every action and statement until our hearts beat with goodness and our tongues find sweetness only in good.