(Sultaan Mahmood Ghaznawi – Part Five)

Sultaan Mahmood had an advisor by the name of Iyaaz who was extremely dear and beloved to him. Sultaan Mahmood valued his company so much that he would keep Iyaaz at his side at all times.

One day, a person in the court of Sultaan Mahmood, out of jealousy, began to criticize Iyaaz saying, “There is nothing special or excellent about Iyaaz, so why is the King so fond of him?”

The man’s remark reached the ears of Sultaan Mahmood who became upset that this person had criticized his faithful advisor. Sultaan Mahmood, however, maintained his composure and did not react immediately. Instead, he resolved to wait for an opportune moment to correct the person and show him the excellence of Iyaaz.

Not long after, the moment arrived when Sultaan Mahmood was travelling with his retinue. As they were proceeding, a camel laden with invaluable goods slipped and fell, resulting in the entire load falling from the camel and scattering on the ground.

Sultaan Mahmood immediately called out to the men, “Whatever you take of the fallen goods will belong to you.” Saying this, Sultaan Mahmood continued ahead, leaving all his men engaged in grabbing the strewn goods lying about.

While all the men were thus occupied, it was Iyaaz alone who had not paused to take anything. He had, as always, chosen to remain at the side of the king. Sultaan Mahmood asked him, “O Iyaaz! Did you also take something for yourself?” Iyaaz calmly replied, “I did not take anything and why should I? After all, I have been blessed with your company and there is no wealth which can ever tempt me to leave you.”

Sultaan Mahmood was overjoyed at his response. He turned to those who were jealous of Iyaaz and said, “This is the excellence of Iyaaz! This is why he is so special and beloved to me.”

(Jawaahir Paare vol. 2, pg. 121)


1. The lovers of Allah Ta‘ala have this type of relationship with Allah Ta‘ala, since the love of Allah Ta‘ala is a wealth which is so invaluable that if a person has been blessed with this, he will not desire to seek any other wealth.

2. The true lovers of Allah Ta‘ala do not allow their gaze to be turned away from Him for anything in the world.