There are two extremely essential “vaccines” with which we, as parents, need to inoculate and protect the hearts and minds of our children:

1. The love of Allah Ta‘ala – Constantly speak about the innumerable favours of Allah Ta‘ala and explain the beautiful qualities of Allah Ta‘ala to them. In this way every fibre of the child will eventually become soaked and saturated in the love of Allah Ta‘ala. The love of Allah Ta‘ala will automatically bring about total obedience to the commands of Allah Ta‘ala and will dissuade the child from chasing after the temporary pleasures of the world.

2. The concern for the Hereafter – Speak about the unpredictable nature of death, the reality of the grave, the last day, the pleasures of Paradise and the horrors of Hell and regularly remind them about life after death. The child will thus realize the importance of and the need to prepare for the Hereafter. The child will be wary of and unwilling to fall into any sin due to the fear of one day standing accountable before Allah Ta‘ala. A concerted and calculated effort is being made by the disbelievers to entirely erase the concept of the Hereafter from the minds of our children. We therefore have to play an active role and be more alert in protecting our children and preparing them for the Hereafter.