Ask our children:

1. “Does the rain fall drop by drop or does it flow down like a waterfall?”

2. “When a builder puts up a wall, does he pile all the bricks together at one time or does he lay brick by brick until the wall is complete?”

3. “When we eat our food, do we put all the food into our mouth at one time or do we eat morsel by morsel?”

Now relate to them the following story:


Azhar and Uzair were twin brothers. Azhar had a good memory but he was very playful. Uzair however had a weak memory but he was very hardworking.

Every night Uzair used to learn and revise his Madrasah work whereas Azhar used to pass his time in fun and play. Often Uzair would remind his brother to also learn because at the end of the term they were going to write their first examination ever. However Azhar would proudly think to himself that he has a good memory and he does not need to sit and learn every night.

In this way the entire term passed by, until it was the last night before the examinations. That night as usual, Uzair revised his work and he went early to bed. Azhar, however spent the entire night trying to learn his lessons. The next morning Uzair was up for his Fajr Salaah and thereafter he turned to Allah Ta’ala in dua, begging for His assistance. But Azhar  was lying on his books fast asleep.

Finally, the hour arrived when all the students were seated in the examination room and the Moulana passed out the examination papers. Uzair read, “Bismillaah” and in a short time he completed all the answers. Poor Azhar was sleepy and all tired. His mind was blank and he failed to answer a single question

The next day, the Moulana called out the results. Uzair thanked Allah and was full of joy as he had received full marks. Azhar on the other hand kept his head down in shame as he had received no marks at all.

Now, ask our children: “Which brother would they choose to be like, and why?”

Then mention to them the lessons learnt from the story:


1. The one who works hard will be rewarded.

2. Do a little every day; do not leave everything for the last minute.

3. Do not depend on our intelligence and on our good memory.

4. Place our trust in Allah Ta’ala.

5. Begin our actions and work with Bismillaah.

6. Make sure we perform our five daily Salaah, even if we are busy.

7. Always thank Allah Ta’ala for the good that we enjoy in our lives.