One of the main reasons for the moral decay in many children is that when there is an occasion which demands love and affection, we punish and shout the child, and when the occasion warrants admonition, we show the child love and affection.

Often the child makes a mistake, and on realising his mistake is remorseful and intends to make amends. At this juncture, the child needs our warmth and support. If at such a time instead of supporting the child, one gets angry and reprimands him over his mistake, it may break his spirit and courage to change and rectify himself. In future he will not even consider correcting his mistake as he will think to himself “Whether I change or not, my parents will still shout at me.”

Sometimes the child does something which warrants some punishment. However, we completely ignore the wrong and continue to show warmth and affection to the child. The result is that the seriousness of doing wrong leaves the child’s heart and the child feels he can get away with any wrong in future.