Assalaamu alaikum

A sister in Islam knows the command of Allah regarding purdah/niqaab, yet she feels she isn’t ready. She does not want to be a hypocrite so she refuses to wear it till she is ready.

Her parents are forcing her to wear it. Is this ok or are they just supposed to warn her and let her choose? Are they getting sin for forcing her?



Bismihi Ta‘ala

Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barkaatuh

Respected Sister in Islam

In order to easily understand the correct position, turn the issue the other way. Imagine that a person is, Allah Ta‘ala forbid, involved in zina, gambling, drugging, drinking and a host of other vices. He is encouraged, instructed and even being forced to give up his life of sin. His response is that since he isn’t ready to stop, he does not want to feel like a hypocrite? Will this argument be acceptable?

Just as it is sinful to involve oneself in the vices mentioned above, it is likewise sinful to not adopt purdah. A person does not become a hypocrite merely because of being forced.

It is reported in a hadeeth that Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: “Instruct your children to perform salaah when they are 7 years old and punish them for omitting it when they reach the age of 10.” It is obvious that when parents are going to warn a child of 10 years that if he does not perform salaah he will be punished, the child will be forced to comply and perform the salaah. The parents are in a way forcing the child, but they will be rewarded for this.

Children are under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the parents. Hence they must do what is in their power to bring the child onto complete deen. As for those who are not under one’s jurisdiction, one should merely encourage them.

However, together with insisting on her wearing purdah, they should also educate her and explain its importance to her. This could be done by giving her good literature and lectures of reliable ‘Ulama in this regard.

Answered by:

Uswatul Muslimah Panel of ‘Ulama